Our Brands

TALL GALLS, is a pioneer BRAND with more than 30 years of experience in the world of small and large size shoes. It is not only an online shop, it also has shoes made under its BRAND where its priority is not only to dress the feet with the most current models on the market, but also its concern for the comfort of its customers when wearing one of its shoes.


BRENDA ZARO, is a leading company in the manufacture of women's footwear.
Its more than 30 years of experience have made it one of the most recognised companies in the world of footwear.
With a functional and elegant style, the wide range of BRENDA ZARO footwear, achieves its own differentiated product for the diverse needs of women, from comfortable footwear for everyday use to the most exclusive footwear for special occasions.


ARA is a German company that manufactures its footwear in the European Union. Founded in 1949, it has had a very clear goal: to achieve the right balance in its shoes, combining comfort, design and PRICE. They have been working towards this goal for more than 60 years and they can affirm that they have achieved it.
They are constantly incorporating technical and innovative improvements aimed at producing high quality footwear. Extraordinarily comfortable shoes, with an exceptional fit and in four different widths.


JANA shoes are true all-rounders: the combination of modern designs and their soft materials, flexible soles, high-quality workmanship and perfect fit guarantee a complete feel-good package.
In their catalogue you will find the right shoe. Be inspired by the styles that inspire bloggers all over the world!
Did you know? They recycle P.E.T. bottles every day: their lining material consists of 50% P.E.T. material - with this they want to create a better world step by step!